Campus Ambassadors

Megan Seery 

Like any true Massachusetts native, Megan really, really, loves Tom Brady. Her secret talent? She’s “wicked” good at memorizing rap lyrics. As a nursing major, Meg stays focused on her school work, but also manages to find time to work for causes she believes in, like Girl Talk! Meg Girl Talks because she wants to cultivate a better world for every girl, especially for her little sister and younger cousins.

I Girl Talk because I want to live in a world where every Girl feels loved, encouraged, and that they are enough.

Caitlyn Manalo

If she could only eat one thing for the rest of her life, it would probably be fries, chips, tots...or anything with potatoes in general. Cait is an accounting major who has interned with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, all while being a University Honors Student. She now hopes to give her time to others by reminding her peers that they are enough, and that they will find success in whatever pursuits they have in life.

I Girl Talk because I love being inspired by other women as well as inspiring others, and in today’s society, I believe that it is important for everyone to uplift one another.

Claire Conway

Claire is a creative, hardworking, and passionate marketing major who loves exploring new coffee shops in DC! She is a motivated student leader who runs campus-wide events and manages many teams. Her prediction for the future? That Girl Talk will change the world. 

I Girl Talk so that my little sisters can someday Girl Talk too. I want them to have a ‘soft place to land’ for the times I can’t be with them.

Theresa Button

Theresa is a hardworking and dedicated psychology major who dreams of visiting Alaska in the summertime. Her proudest accomplishment? Eating a grilled cheese, crispy chicken sandwich, and a cheeseburger, all in one sitting. Theresa Girl Talks to build a community of support, encouragement, and love that meets women where they are in their lives and inspires confidence in them. 

I want women to know their inherent value and to have the courage and confidence to flourish in whatever they are involved in.

Jackie Mullen

On any given morning, you can find Jackie drinking a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte with soy milk, her favorite! She is a major believer in the importance of creating a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable enough to openly connect with others.

Life is a twisty, upside-down rollercoaster, but through the relationships built with Girl Talk and beyond, I believe we can lift our hands up and scream through the highs and lows together.

Brianna Howard

As a politics major, Brianna has been loving life in the District! One of her proudest accomplishments has been being a role model and becoming the kind of person that her younger siblings can look up to. One of Brianna’s goals is to always make the people around her feel empowered and inspired.

Girl Talk is the perfect outlet to help spread the positivity and confidence that I want to wish upon every woman that I meet.

Anna Quattrone

In the spirit of wanderlust, Anna dreams of stepping foot in every continent. She’s already begun to make her dreams come true, studying abroad in Rome and Costa Rica! Anna has an infinite love for ice cream, earl grey tea, and photography! Anna hopes that by sharing her story, she will be able to inspire and be inspired by others.

I Girl Talk for all the women who believe they are alone on this journey; to help them realize that everyone has a story.

Girl Talk Intern
Hall of Fame

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Victoria Principato

As a finance major and the Finance and Operations Intern for Girl Talk, Vic has always been in a dedicated relationship with her planner. She has spent most of her time organizing events for the College Republicans and brainstorming ways to fundraise for Girl Talk. She believes the only way to brighten up any dreary Monday is with a McFlurry, and doesn’t mind staying in and watching musicals on a Friday night. Vic girl talks because every girl deserves to have meaningful friendships, and Girl Talk truly fosters an environment where these friendships can grow.

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Teddy Bridgemen

Teddy is a lively and energetic marketing major with a passion for ice cream, Instagram, and promoting the mission of Girl Talk. As the Social Media Intern, Teddy created and managed Girl Talk’s social media posts, as well as updated marketing content. Teddy girl talks because she hopes to encourage women to unapologetically be their authentic selves. Her motto in life? “Treat yourself!”

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Anna Lucius

Anna is a diligent and dynamic accounting major, who is also one heck of a cook! As Market Research Intern for Girl Talk, Anna provided a powerhouse of information to better improve Girl Talk’s social media outreach. Anna girl talks because she knows many girls who have felt like they are not enough, whether it is a friend that has been hurt by another friend, a boy, or a clique. She wants every girl to know that she is enough and worthy of happiness in every second of life.


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Paige Melley
Market Research Intern

Paige is an enthusiastic marketing major obsessed with elephants, making people smile, and always encouraging a good dance party! As the Market Research Intern, Paige is responsible for researching qualitative data and analyzing social media trends. Her mission is to gather inspiring stories of women aiming to become their best selves. 

"I girl talk because I want every girl to know that she is not alone in her struggles, no matter how big or small. I want every girl to know she will always have a support system." -Paige