Campus Ambassadors represent the Girl Talk Institute to their college peers by engaging in the mission of Girl Talk and sharing it through regular storytelling Coffeehouses. 

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“A Campus Ambassador is someone who understands. Someone who understands that life is full of unknowns and what-ifs. Someone who understands her own faults and works every day to embrace them. Someone who understands that being a woman is difficult and hopes to be a pillar for other girls to lean on in their time of need. Someone who understands that vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. Most importantly, a campus ambassador wants every young woman embarking on her own personal journey to understand that she is ENOUGH.

My time as a campus ambassador has been flooded with self-discovery, endless love, and joy. After hosting my Coffeehouses, I get the opportunity to speak and connect with so many incredible women. Sharing intimate moments from my life can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, seeing other girls take positive steps after hearing my words confirms that the Girl Talk Institute is changing lives one campus at a time. I feel extremely blessed to be a small part of something that has such a vast and important impact.” 

—Emma McCoy, Girl Talk Campus Ambassador 2017-2018

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Erin Carpenter

Erin is a sophomore Music Education Major and Psychology Minor at CUA from St. Mary's County in Southern Maryland. She is involved in the CUA Chapter of the National Association for Music Education, the president of the CUA Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association, a member of Redline A Cappella, and a proud member of the Girl Talk Community! She love the color green, daisies, finding cool coffee shops, music and exploring the beauty of nature.

I Girl Talk because every woman has a truth and every woman deserves a warm, loving, accepting place to share that truth and to discover the truths of the women who surround us every day. The more we realize that we are not so different from one another, the larger our community will become, and we will continue to strengthen our inherent dignity as women.”

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Andrea Galeano

Andrea is a senior Marketing and Spanish for International Service double major, passionate about coffee, food, and getting 8+ hours of sleep! She loves to stay busy and is involved with the Program Board and Track and Field team, but when she's not you can find her exploring DC with friends or treating herself to some downtime and good quality self care!

I Girl Talk because I think that all girls can benefit from hearing other girls' stories and learning that they are not alone in this journey that is life. So often we all struggle with the same things and Girl Talk allows us to listen, share, and grow together in an empowering, loving, and authentic environment.”

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Emily Law

When Emily is not rooting for her all of the Boston sports teams, you can find her drinking green tea, brunching with friends, or at the gym trying a new workout or doing some yoga! As a marketing major with an education studies minor, her dream is to become an educational rights lawyer and live in New England with many dogs.

"I Girl Talk because every woman deserves to be heard and every woman deserves the platform in which they can comfortably share their stories."

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Briana Marcinauskis

Briana is a senior Marketing major with a minor in Psychology at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. When not working or doing homework, Briana enjoys spending time with friends over a glass of wine, reading the latest beach novel, and rewatching the Office for the millionth time.

I Girl Talk because I think that everyone's feelings deserved to be validated and listened to. Life is hard and everyone needs a soft place to land!”

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Jada Maultsby

Jada is a senior Psych & Brain Sciences major from Maryland. Some of her favorite things include Starbucks iced coffee, Ariana Grande, Grey’s Anatomy and her dog Nugget! When she’s not doing Girl Talk she can be probably be found hanging out with her friends, doing activities with her sorority, or procrastinating work online shopping. Jada is always in the run. Between classes you can catch her studying on campus or babysitting but she is also always up for happy hour or exploring DC!

I Girl Talk because I love the community of sisterhood that Girl Talk offers to empower other women. It helps girls feel supported and realize how relatable their stories are by encouraging authenticity!”


“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and laughs without fear of the future.” —Proverbs 31:25