Campus Ambassadors represent the Girl Talk Institute to their college peers by engaging in the mission of Girl Talk and sharing it through regular storytelling Coffeehouses. 

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“A Campus Ambassador is someone who understands. Someone who understands that life is full of unknowns and what-ifs. Someone who understands her own faults and works every day to embrace them. Someone who understands that being a woman is difficult and hopes to be a pillar for other girls to lean on in their time of need. Someone who understands that vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. Most importantly, a campus ambassador wants every young woman embarking on her own personal journey to understand that she is ENOUGH.

My time as a campus ambassador has been flooded with self-discovery, endless love, and joy. After hosting my Coffeehouses, I get the opportunity to speak and connect with so many incredible women. Sharing intimate moments from my life can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, seeing other girls take positive steps after hearing my words confirms that the Girl Talk Institute is changing lives one campus at a time. I feel extremely blessed to be a small part of something that has such a vast and important impact.” 

—Emma McCoy, Girl Talk Campus Ambassador 2017-2018


Vicky Consbruck

Vicky is our favorite Nebraskan girl just trying to make it on the East Coast! She loves the ocean almost as much as she loves her friends and family. Catch her sipping iced coffee, listening to Taylor Swift, or cuddling up to friends.

"I Girl Talk to let others know that they are braver than they feel.”


Kyrstyn-Domini Aberin

If she’s not studying for her nursing exams, then you would catch Kyrstyn out and about in DC with her friends! Her dream job is to become a pediatric travel nurse because it combines her passions of traveling and caring for kids who are at their most vulnerable state. She loves to venture off to new places she’s never been to and do daring things. Her favorite adventure thus far was skydiving in Guam! If you would ever want to impress her, the key to her heart is food especially ice cream from Ice Cream Jubilee! Kyrstyn believes in the #GirlTalkMagic because GirlTalk happens anywhere, at any time, with anyone.

"I Girl Talk because it’s a community based on vulnerability and authenticity and where women can share their stories knowing that they aren’t going through their journey alone.”



Emma McCoy

If she's not obsessing over the newest TV shows and movies, Emma is singing with her A Capella group! This hardworking Media and Communication Studies major loves to travel, hangout with her dog, and stay open minded about all things. She hopes to help other girls see their self-worth and beauty.

"I Girl Talk because no one should ever feel alone. Every girl is beautiful, powerful, and capable of conquering anything she puts her mind to.”




Catherine Olohan

Catherine is a junior English major from Virginia with a real weakness for Tom Brady, coffee, and açai bowls.  Her dream is to travel the world improving education systems in underprivileged and crisis areas. She can generally be found spending all her money in the campus Starbucks.   

"I Girl Talk because I love the idea of a community that helps girls to learn to love themselves and know their own worth without having to spend years struggling to figure it out on their own.”






Erin Reckner

Erin is a tea-loving, wannabe travel photographer from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. A senior Psychological and Brain Sciences major, she believes that baking and puppies are the best kind of stress relief. 

"I Girl Talk to empower every woman to know that she is enough and worthy of greatness!”



Victoria Turner

Victoria is an optimistic, adventurous dog lover, who has ambitions of traveling the world and bettering the lives of others along the way. As a social work major, she wants every human to know their dignity and self worth. She loves inspirational and motivational quotes, so come find her if you want to hear one or provide her with more. 

"I Girl Talk to help every girl find true conviction in her value and worth. I girl talk to teach young women that their inherent dignity and love draws out and produces beauty. I girl talk because whether simple or grand, beauty always animates the world with hope.

because I want all girls to know their worth in the world and that each and every one of them has a story that is worth sharing and listening to.”


“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and laughs without fear of the future.” —Proverbs 31:25