Daily Blessings List


A little fun fact about me is that I’m constantly making lists of anything and everything. Lists get me through my days, weeks, and overall life. From my daily to-do lists to pro and con lists to a list of ice cream shops I need to visit, you can always find me trying to complete some sort of handwritten list.

My favorite list, however, is the ongoing list of my daily blessings. This list includes moments, feelings, items, and everything in between. I started the list in January 2016 as a strict 5 bullet points each night in my journal. Slowly, the list evolved into a mental exercise I would run through as I closed my eyes before falling asleep. I started adding to the list throughout the day in my phone notes app when something came to mind. Now my daily blessings lists employs all three methods, depending on which is my closest resource.

The beauty of the daily blessings  list is that it’s limitless. It can grow and expand in any direction, just like me, which is why it has become an essential tool for learning more about my authentic and true self.

As I looked back on the list from the first year, I realized that 2016 was a big year of growth. Seeing the bullet points and items listed helped me remember things that might have just faded to memory. The list makes me realize how thankful I am l for all the opportunities that have been presented to me. I spent the first four months of the year studying abroad in Costa Rica and traveling around its incredible land. My time there, practicing my Spanish speaking skills and learning the culture, is something for which I will be forever be grateful.

When I returned home from my adventure, I started to piece together my two worlds and trace how I grew from the experience. And growth doesn’t have to be drastic or apparent to everyone, but even small internal changes are significant.  The experiences I noted in my list throughout the year helped me rewire my brain to view the ordinary things in life as extraordinary, and thus helped my list grow and expand.

I truly believe that every person I have met along my journey up to this point has crossed my path for a reason. I am thankful that this is something I am able to recognize in the moment and appreciate in my daily life. The opportunity to study abroad was possible because of the endless love and support that I have received from my parents, family, and friends. Everything I gained from that experience was made possible and better because of their presence in my life. The opportunity to receive an education and be a part of a community that wants you to succeed is something I used to take for granted because it was routine. The practice of putting pen to paper, distilling my thoughts to concise words and phrases, allowed me to move out of my routine perspective and see how much I had to be grateful for and how many people and things in my life should be prized.

Each year holds its own lessons, memories, and milestones. I am thankful that my first year of daily blessings list and the years since have been filled with all three, helping me to continue my journey that is limitless and always growing.

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