It's the Thought that Counts


Have you ever had an “off day” until you run into the person who says exactly what you need to hear? Someone who does something for you just because? Someone who brightens your day and doesn’t even know it?

Have you ever thought maybe you could be that person for someone?

It’s easy to feel irrelevant sometimes. Unimportant. Pointless. I’ve thought to myself, “Has anyone even thought about me today? I could’ve fallen off the face of the Earth and no one would even know.” I just want to know that someone cares. Receive some recognition — not a lot, just something that reminds me of my worth. All I really want is one act of kindness from someone that says “Hey! I thought about you today and I care.”

My friend didn’t have to stop and ask me about my day, but she did. She didn’t have to text me, “Have a great day!” but she did. She didn’t have to include me in her plans, but she did. She didn’t have to do anything, but she reached out. She let me know she was thinking about me and that made me believe that I mattered and made a difference. I realized that I had a place in someone else’s day and my world wasn’t self contained to my personal space. I have an influence and make an impact on those around me.

I used to think I had to do heroic things to show my friends I care about them. But rather than the things I did do, what’s more powerful and moving is what I didn’t have to do. Something I did for someone out of the kindness of my heart. Something to remind them that I care. Small, but enough. Not heroic but nevertheless, significant.

If your know your roommate has been studying all week for a  pathology test, text her and wish her luck. If a classmate is sitting in Starbucks studying for the GRE, ask her if she wants a coffee. If a coworker wasn’t at work yesterday because she was sick, ask her how she is feeling today. If you haven’t seen a friend very much this semester, check in with her. If you saw something that reminded you of someone, tell them!

If you’re having that day where you just want someone to care, you’re probably not the only one. Everyday people make the world go around. Take the initiative to be that person for others and when you need it, they’ll be there to return the favor. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

It’s endearing. It’s genuine. It’s the thought that counts.