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Girl talk at Five

Several years ago, Julie Larkin and friends recognized a crisis of self-worth among women in college, manifesting itself in self-harm, shame, and despair. Girl Talk responded with hope, healing, and friendship

In 2015, we established ourselves as a non-profit organization, dedicated to building a sisterhood of self-worth.

As we approach the 5-year mark in May of 2020, we invite you to celebrate Girl Talk at FIVE with us through fellowship, fundraising, and festivities!

Thank you for joining us in this important mission!

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Girl Talk’s mission is one the world needs. It is too easy to feel that you are all alone when you are struggling on the inside. I have found that the moments when I have actually opened up and let people truly see where I am at, struggles and all, have been the moments where I have been met with the strongest of love and support. I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer for Girl Talk because I see that the community it is creating is one that will allow girls to truly thrive! I want to see girls Girl Talking far and wide, and am honored to be a part of helping it grow!
— Alyssa Eubanks, Girl Talk Volunteer
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