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Julie Larkin,  Founder & Executive Director

Julie is passionate about inspiring and encouraging women. In 2012, she began Girl Talk after hearing too many friends doubt their inherent value and witnessing the loneliness that comes from heartbreak of any kind. Her mission is to remind women that they are not alone, by creating a sisterhood of self-worth—with authentic friendship at its core. With her undergraduate degree in psychology and masters in business, Julie has spent several years working in higher-ed, not-for-profits, and startup organizations. She loves developing ideas, experiencing them come to life, and witnessing lives transformed in the process! Although she currently resides in our nation’s capital, Julie is a Jersey girl at heart, with a weakness for Wawa, a love of board games, and an addiction to snapping too many pictures.    

"I Girl Talk because of Rachel. And Vanessa. And Caitlin. For all my residents who inspired this storytelling venture, and for all my friends who continually remind of the need for courageous vulnerability. For every girl who has ever felt alone.”

Shannon White, Program Director & Mentor

Shannon is a Boston girl who came to DC to study and follow her dreams of helping others. She has seen Girl Talk through all its stages as a Girl Talk participant, the president at her university, and currently serves as the Girl Talk Program Director. Shannon is also a pediatric nurse at Children's National Medical Center. On her days off, you can find her baking for her housemates, hosting game nights with friends, and watching every Shonda Rhimes show under the sun. She lives by quotes and thrives by asking questions. 

“"I Girl Talk because I love learning over and over again that women who I think seem so different than me are actually so similar to me. I love learning that there is something I can love in every woman I meet.”

Regina Bethencourt, Director of Public Relations

Regina is a go-getter who is always up for a new challenge. She lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband and two children. She graduated with a degree in history and spent time as a political journalist reporting on international relations and domestic elections before moving to the public relations field. When not working on new PR and communications campaigns, Regina runs a piano studio teaching classical and jazz piano to students of all ages.

"I Girl Talk because no woman should feel alone!"

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Aubrey Gierlatowicz,
Social Media & Communications Specialist

Aubrey is just as passionate about dessert as she is for helping others. She loves to find the beauty in every situation and aspires to empower those around her.  A Jersey girl at heart you can find Aubrey cozying up with a good book, baking, or spending time with her family. As someone who is eager about her studies in psychology and business, Aubrey is looking forward to spreading awareness through Girl Talk. As the Social Media and Communications Specialist, Aubrey is responsible for  creating Girl Talk’s social media and managing blog posts. 

"I Girl Talk because there is something beautiful in women and girls coming together and sharing intimate and vulnerable stories. These stories bring us together, and as we continue to share the experiences of our ultimate struggles and greatest achievements, we open up the door for other women to share theirs as well.”


Brianna Howard, Girl Talk Alumni Coordinator

With a love for all things politics, Brianna has been loving life in the District! As a former Campus Ambassador, she cultivated relationships with the rest of the Girl Talk team, and hopes to continue these amazing friendships as the Girl Talk Alumni Coordinator. One of her proudest accomplishments has been being a role model and becoming the kind of person that her younger siblings can look up to. One of Brianna’s goals is to always make the people around her feel empowered and inspired. 

“Girl Talk is the perfect outlet to help spread the positivity and confidence that I want to wish upon every woman that I meet.”


Kianna Chevalier,
Public Relations and Events Specialist

A Massachusetts native, Kianna loves all thing related to the beach, Dunkin Donuts, and of course, Tom Brady! As the Public Relations Strategist, Kianna has built relationships with local High Schools and young women in order to cultivate self-worth and empowerment. One of her favorite Girl Talk motto's is: "You are always enough and never too much". She hopes to be a role model to the young women she meets and inspire others to do good.

"I Girl Talk because every girl needs to know how genuinely beautiful and special they are, and that they can change the world by sharing their gifts and talents." -Kianna


Kathleen McQuarrie, Girl Talk Storyteller

Kathleen is a mother of four from Lawrenceville, New Jersey, whose motherhood extends far beyond her home. Through her stories and experiences, she shares the wisdom of being a woman with the girls in high school, college, and beyond. She showers us in hugs and inspirational quotes, allowing us the grace and joy to become our best selves. She is also the founder of Food is Love, combining her passion for cooking,  hospitality, and families. You can find Kathleen drinking white wine, listening  to Bruce Springsteen, and enjoying  life with her husband Joe.


"I Girl Talk because I believe we women are called to share our stories, to share the wisdom we have learned. We all need a safe place to land, where we can be honest and real…and Girl Talk provides that.” 


“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.” —Brene Brown