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Welcome to Girl talk!

Girl Talk is a sisterhood of self-worth. Through programs of personal storytelling, deeper conversation, and authentic friendship, we inspire women of all ages to recognize and radiate their true value.


Words From Our Founder, Julie...

"In March of 2012, with the help of my friends, I decorated invitation after invitation with more glitter and bows than my fingers knew how to tie. Over forty women showed up that night in comfy slippers and pillows ready for some "girl talk."

Feeling extremely nervous and excited all at the same time, I began to share my story. I told the girls about the guy I continued to be crazy about even though he made me feel worthless. I told them about my best friend who abandoned me for a new set of friends. I told them about the moments in the morning when I would wake up, look in the mirror, and desperately wish I had someone else's skin. I shared with them my pain, my rejection, my utter unloveability...and I also shared my happiness. The deep peace I had at knowing I am infinitely cherished. 

At the end of the night, I sat back with the same feeling of exhaustion and satisfaction you get after finishing a term paper--I thought it was over. But before my residents left, they all asked me, 'So, Julie...when's the next one?'"

Featured Blog POst:

What true friendship looks like

You will have many friendships in your life and you will love your friends in different ways at different times. A great and enduring friendship is an endless gift and a joyful responsibility. When I look at my collection of friends, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the unique gifts they have brought into my life and for the part I have been able to play in theirs.

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