The Girl Talk Institute

By creating a sisterhood of leaders across college campuses, the Girl Talk Institute aims to inspire personal greatness and passionate professionalism in women. Campus Ambassadors from local colleges and universities are trained in the Girl Talk model, and educated in the four Girl Talk steps: hospitality, friendship, healing, and the gift of service. These leaders are then entrusted with sharing the mission of Girl Talk with their peers. Campus Ambassadors make a commitment of one academic year consisting of monthly sessions at local venues, mentoring, and service. 

Campus Ambassadors for The Girl Talk Institute will gain:

  • Professional skills including:
    • Leadership
    • Public Speaking
    • Marketing
    • Fundraising
    • Storytelling
    • Group Facilitation
  • Education and formation in the following topics:
    • Body Image
    • Friendships
    • Personal Growth
    • Professional Development
    • Relationships
  • One-on-one Mentorship
    • As a Campus Ambassador for the Girl Talk Institute, leaders have the opportunity to build a personal relationship with a mentor. Each Campus Ambassador is paired with a Girl Talk Mentor who matches the skills and interests of the Campus Ambassador and helps them think through their personal and professional goals. 

Each Campus Ambassador will receive a leadership certificate upon completion of The Girl Talk Institute.